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writelyIf you don’t have a decent Word Processor on your computer (probably most of you have Word), then Google’s Writely.com can do the trick. Tried it out today to type a letter – worked well – you can even save the file on Google’s servers, if you are so inclined (probably not a bad idea for all those who fail to back up their work). You can tag your work as well with multiple tags, so when you’re later searching for it, remembering a tag you gave it , is all you need to find it.

If you are trying to print something once you’ve composed it and don’t like URL headers or footers showing up on the printed page, then go to File/Page Setup in Firefox and click on the header/footer tab and select None for everything showing there. (probably works in similar fashion in IE). Picked this tip up on the Writely.com Google forum.

And hey, it’s free, so what the heck – try it out – nothing to download and if you hate it, well you didn’t have to pay, did you? 🙂

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Spent most of the night transfixed by Google Earth, zooming back to old places I used to live in Germany back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Brings back a ton of memories.

I could even zoom in on the old Herbst Brauerei (brewery) where I used to slam them back as a 16 yr old during a summer stay abroad – still remember being zonked out of my gourd, just jabbering away with these old guys in German, probably didn’t have a bloody idea what I was even saying! Fortunately, it was only a block or so away from home, so I could stagger back without getting run over. 🙂 I was, of course, delighted to see the ol’ brewery still standing and it will be the first place I head for, if I make it back to Krefeld!

And Google Earth even led me to a live web cam of the historic marketplace in Schwäbisch Gmünd, where I went to school back in ’71.

Quote of the Day: If you shoot at mimes, should you use a silencer? (Stephen Wright)

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WillowOur little cat “Willow” chilling. Unfortunately, Willow, now that she has been transplanted to the city, is scared out of her mind of every car that goes by on the street outside, in particular the garbage trucks. As soon as you open the door, the tail begins to swish frantically. I’m sure she wishes she was back in her familiar surroundings!

Photo info: Canon 20D, 100mm Macro lens,1/640s f/4.5 at 100.0mm iso200

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Google Earth

I’m very late to this little adventure in cyberspace because until recently all I had was dialup. So finally I could download this tool – this is just too cool. One could easily spend hours playing with this. Read more about it at the Google Earth site and download a copy – it’s a freebie.

Fly from space to your neighborhood. Type in an address and zoom right in.

I’m off to Australia mate – catch ya on the other side of the globe!

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Here’s an interesting idea that will come to market shortly.

SocialPicks is a community for stock market investors to share investment ideas, collaborate on market research, and track performance of peers.

Check it out and sign up at SocialPicks.com – if you’re lucky, you might know someone who is already using the beta and will give you an invite. I could use all the good stock tips I can find. 🙂

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Hot Spot finder tool

Here’s a neat new Microsoft Tool that lets you find free along with pay Wi-Fi hotspots and even produces a map for you. Pretty slick

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No more Huff!

Just learned today that “Huff” will no longer be on Showtime. The idiots cancelled the best show they had. Wonder what they thought when Blythe Danner won Best Supporting Actress? She had that role nailed and she certainly deserved the award. Check out the cast of characters – some great actors.
If showtime wants to cancel something they should cancel “Brotherhood” which is even too violent for me.

Here’s a post that tells a bit more about the reasons behind the cancellation. All about ratings of course and what the average person (moron?) calls good TV. 🙂

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