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Hilary and Obama

Watched the debate tonight on ABC.  Finally got down to some serious discussions after wasting about an hour on ridiculous crap such as whether Obama wears an American Flag pin or the weary diatribe on Reverend Wright or Hilary’s dodging sniper bullets.  Some may find this to be the determining factors in their choice of candidates, but I agree with Obama in that the average Joe or Jane sitting down at their breakfast table in the morning is a heck of a lot more concerned with how they’re going to put food on the table, than they are with these media driven bits of nonsense.  No wonder the average American citizen is such a cynic.

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I must admit that I’ve been long confused about exactly how trackbacks work. So I finally decided to “Google” it and came across this excellent tutorial. Thought this might help those of you, who like me, were equally confused. 🙂

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