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I did my good deed for the year yesterday. A co-worker and friend of mine about my age has floaters and occasional flashes in her eyes as I do. Yesterday she complained that she was only seeing about 20% out of one of her eyes.  She described it as something like having a piece of cardboard covering that 80%.  She planned to see an opthamologist on Thursday (2 days away). I told her to forget that and to get her tush into the hospital immediately to see a retinal specialist as I suspected her retina was detaching.  I spooked her enough that she finally called and they told her to get over there now.  A few hours later they were doing surgery on her.

Had she waited, she would have probably lost the vision in that eye.  As you get older, if you get floaters and especially flashes of light (electrical impulses from vitreous gel tugging at your retina), be aware if you get that “curtain” effect, your retina is probably detaching and you don’t have a lot of time to spare.  Some people laugh cause I devote a lot of time to understanding all of my “health issues”, but sometimes it pays off in spades. Moral of the story – know thy bod, cause nobody else is going to give a hoot.  🙂

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