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I was browsing through some Stumble sites today and stumbled across this ingenious use of the subways – always cool to see people’s creativity at play. Imagine just walking along the street when this springs to life!

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I had to throw in that catchy title to get your attention. 🙂 (Plus I had to practice my German a bit!). This is a very cool adaptation of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis done by Peter Kuper.

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An interesting design seen on Flickr today. If you haven’t tried Flickr, you should check it out – if you don’t upload excessive numbers of pictures, it is free each month to upload. (You can see the differences between a free account and a Pro account here.) You can see my Flickr pics by clicking on the link in the sidebar. I’m still using the Free account and will move to Pro when I find a job! 🙂
circles in a spiral in a square

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Walked 2.5 miles today using Google’s Pedometer – burned 282 calories

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A group of women (“Art Gurls”) meet weekly in Abingdon,VA to collaborate on an original piece of art. One person starts the project and then passes it on to the next person in the group who can do anything they want with the piece before passing it on to the next person. Quite fascinating what comes out of these projects. My wife was one of 4 collaborators on this particular project.

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Art and Remembrance

fabric artWe recently went to an interesting Holocaust art experience presented at the Art Gallery at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. Esther Krinitz and her sister, whose parents and other family members perished in the camps, managed to escape to a neighbor’s house and hid out as Catholic farm laborers during the war. Many years later, Esther created a collection of 35 works of fabric art depicting this experience. She has since passed away, but her two daughters are touring the country showing her art work and telling the story. We were lucky enough to get to hear them talk. If you’re interested in art or history, head over to the Art and Rembrances web site, where you can see the entire gallery as well as listen to a video produced by Esther before she passed away.

If you happen to be in the Greensboro area, the exhibit continues through October 29th, 2006.

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