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Having hiked the AT with my wife back in ’95, I’m still always interested in what is going on out there and during some browsing today on the Net at Fred and Kathy’s AT page, I stumbled across a link to TrailPhone.net.  This is a fabulous resource, especially for those who might be following a hiker along the trail as they hike those 2100 miles to Maine.  The hiker can call in via cell phone or regular phone to a toll free line and leave a recording of how their day or week went and by visiting the Trailphone web site, anyone following their hike can listen to them talk about their hike.  It’s a lot easier for the hiker to make one phone call to inform friends, vs twenty.

Kudos to Adam Varga for setting this up.  If you’re a hiker, I’m sure he’d like to have you visit his site and I suspect a small donation, if you use the service, would help him keep it going.

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This is a slick new tool. I take walks daily and was wondering how far I was going and was trying to figure out how to get into an old pedometer I used to use to change out the battery. I happened to be browsing through my daily emails from Lockergnome and stumbled across this link to a Google pedometer tool that probably isn’t very well known.

Once on the home page, just look on the left hand side for usage instructions. Basically, you just zoom in on the map to street level, click “Start Recording” and then double click each point along your route (it pays to double click frequently, especially around curves as it doesn’t know that you are navigating the curve and will bisect the angle and take you straight through the marsh, if you let it). Once you are back to your starting point, you can see in the left hand column, exactly how far you walked. You can then save the route, if you so choose or print it.

As an added feature, you can input your weight and it will tell you the number of calories burned during your walk.

This is just way too cool, even for this ol’ boy.

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