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This is a great way to learn vocabulary while helping someone else. Bookmark this page and come back to it every day and not only will you begin to sound like you have more brains than you really do :), but you will also be helping a lot of very needy people. A great idea. Be forewarned – it’s challenging, which is good and it brings you back to those words you missed originally – give it a try – good for the ol’ bean.

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I got a kick out of this post from Violent Acres . Working daily with the public, I can identify. You might be taken aback a bit by the language (doubtful in today’s world, of course), but in this case, the customer who deems themselves as “always right” deserves a few choice words, me thinks.

The phrase ‘The Customer is Always Right’ is the single worst philosophy that has ever been adopted by American culture. It gave an entire generation of people the green light to be as impolite, unreasonable, and demanding as their little hearts desired because they were always going to be considered right. It destroyed the entire concept of courtesy and rendered manners obsolete. People began to treat their peers in the service industry like incompetent morons, lacking in feelings or human dignity, who deserved to be browbeaten and abused for no other reason than they had the audacity to run out of a particular brand of coffee. Furthermore, instead of suffering negative repercussions for their appallingly disrespectful behavior, they are awarded with free coupons and plenty of ass kissing. In reality, they should be shunned and humiliated for behaving like such self absorbed little children.

Read the rest of the article – especially if you are one of those “demanding” jerks.

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Jobs and eyesight

Well, it’s been over 2 months since I’ve posted something, so thought I’d better let folks know I’m alive. Been trying to hunt down a decent job without any great success over the past few months. Working at a bookstore seasonally and may continue further past the seasonal work, but no place to get rich, that’s for sure.

Also trying to get used to some new progressive lenses – gads – the mid distance and far distance aren’t bad, but the close up reading sucks. I get a width of about 3-4 words and everything on both sides of that is blurry. Looking out of the corner of the idea to read the rest of the line doesn’t work – talk about slowing down one’s reading! yikes! Anybody have any thoughts on this, I’m all ears. 🙂

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Having just moved into a new neighborhood and not knowing anyone, it’s always kind of nice if someone actually introduces themselves, but having lived in neighborhoods before, I don’t hold my breath. So it came as quite a refreshing moment when a neighbor across the street came up to us and enthusiastically greeted us. But she didn’t stop there – she even invited us to a great lunch and a stroll through the gardens of Reynolda Village and the campus of Wake Forest Univ. Now how nice is that???

Gives one faith in the human race. Think I just might like this neighborhood after all. 🙂 How about your neighbors? Do you greet new neighbors and invite them over? Something to ponder. Suspect there was a lot of that going on some 70 or 80 years ago. Our modern times keep us all holed up in our little caverns afraid to tread on someone’s turf – damn shame, I say.

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Spent most of the night transfixed by Google Earth, zooming back to old places I used to live in Germany back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Brings back a ton of memories.

I could even zoom in on the old Herbst Brauerei (brewery) where I used to slam them back as a 16 yr old during a summer stay abroad – still remember being zonked out of my gourd, just jabbering away with these old guys in German, probably didn’t have a bloody idea what I was even saying! Fortunately, it was only a block or so away from home, so I could stagger back without getting run over. 🙂 I was, of course, delighted to see the ol’ brewery still standing and it will be the first place I head for, if I make it back to Krefeld!

And Google Earth even led me to a live web cam of the historic marketplace in Schwäbisch Gmünd, where I went to school back in ’71.

Quote of the Day: If you shoot at mimes, should you use a silencer? (Stephen Wright)

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Time for a change

Blogger was giving me fits lately and so I decided to give WordPress a try.  And besides, it coincided with my move from the mountains to the city.  Seems like every 10 years or so, it’s time for a switch in our lives.  From being a host of a B&B to being unemployed – doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

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