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Is John McCain hard of hearing or is he just unable to comprehend Obama’s statement that for 95% of Americans there won’t be a tax increase?  Why do the Republicans trot out this tired mantra (Dems will tax and spend, tax and spend) over and over again?  Did we really have such a terrible 8 years under Clinton? Hell, I actually prospered during that period – how could that possibly be if the Dems are taxing and spending us to death? Look who the hell has been spending us down the toilet the last 8 years? And then the Republicans have the gall to blame Pelosi and gang for that – lordy.

I’m telling you some Americans scare the diddly out of me – how can you listen to McCain and even more so – Palin and think that they have the intelligence, thoughtfulness, and composure to run this country in comparison to Obama/Biden ? Have you ever listened to them talk? Sorry, the choice is obvious for me – I want someone who can understand complex issues. I don’t want another Bush surrogate who has to turn to his advisors for answers and then failing to understand them, implements them and sends the rest of us down the drain.  I also want to think that the President of the United States has a few more jellybeans bouncing around up there than I do – it’s pretty scary when I start thinking that I could grasp the issues better and make better decisions.  Here’s a thought – wipe any political persuasion out of your mind and listen to Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin – who sounds like they have half a brain?  Case closed.

I find it interesting when I look back at previous presidents – the Dems seem to attract the students of history, the Republicans the blowhards.  I still have not figured out why so many thought Ronald Reagan was the great communicator – seemed more like a buffoon to me. Thought it was interesting how Thomas Friedman told Tavis Smiley last night that the reason the Iron Curtain came down wasn’t because of Ronald Reagan – it was because the price of oil dropped so severely back then, leaving Russia powerless.  Sorry, I’ll take folks like Carter, Clinton and  Obama and I think Obama will go down as the best of them all. Can’t say I thought much of the Bushes, Reagan or Nixon.

I really love the Joe Plumber story – how ludicrous is it that McCain can say that Dems are just going to take the money from hard working people and give it to bums? Karl Marx, socialism.   Geez, does he really hold such a low opinion of the American public that he thinks they will believe that? (Possibly he has as much faith in them as I do).  What puzzles me more is how hard working poor folks from the red states can’t comprehend that the Democratic party is the only one that would really care about them – how do they figure the Republican party represents their values? Because they wave a flag around and shout about pro-life and thump the bible for a few months during election season?  I wonder if the hard working folks of the Red states notice how much they have advanced during the past 8 years after falling for that little con game?  Take  another look at which party’s platform really represents you. If you’re hard working and poor, the Republicans just want your vote and then you can shut up and stop whining.

So all you fence sitters out there (please tell me there can’t possibly be 1 out 7 who are undecided still!), get off of your doofus – if you don’t know who to vote for by now, just go vote for Obama/Biden. At the very least you can figure they’re smarter than you are.  Hopefully you’re smart enough to wonder if McCain/Palin are.

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Hilary and Obama

Watched the debate tonight on ABC.  Finally got down to some serious discussions after wasting about an hour on ridiculous crap such as whether Obama wears an American Flag pin or the weary diatribe on Reverend Wright or Hilary’s dodging sniper bullets.  Some may find this to be the determining factors in their choice of candidates, but I agree with Obama in that the average Joe or Jane sitting down at their breakfast table in the morning is a heck of a lot more concerned with how they’re going to put food on the table, than they are with these media driven bits of nonsense.  No wonder the average American citizen is such a cynic.

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If you get the chance, visit this link and listen to Bill Moyers talk about Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and “Capitol Crimes”.  Disturbing to say the least.  And they don’t come much more credible than Bill Moyers.  It certainly does depict the hypocrisy that exists in Washington today.

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A vote for Obama

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see Obama run in 2008?

With his Kenyan father and Kansas mother, his Hawaiian/Indonesian childhood and Midwestern adulthood, his community-organizer background and Harvard law degree, he is the perfect mirror for a country that craves to see itself as beyond race, beyond boundaries, beyond the ugly parts of its past; he is a candidate with whom virtually anyone can identify. “I have a lot of different pieces of a lot of different people in me,” he acknowledged, which leads many people to see him as a unifying figure. “I don’t mind that. It is maybe a simplification in terms of who I am,” but there is something “hopeful in that that is healthy.” (Newsweek)

I’ve been nothing but impressed with him. His mastery of the spoken word reminds me of Clinton. It’s rather nice to see your leaders be able to compose a thought – gives a person a bit of confidence that they just might know what they were doing.

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