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For the health/science nuts out there (obviously I wouldn’t be posting this, if I weren’t one. 🙂 ) , Here is an interesting software program for evaluating the amount of Omega 6’s vs Omega 3’s in many foods. As most of you know, Americans are swimming in the pro-inflammatory Omega 6’s and need to bring that ratio under control. The program takes a while to figure out, but even if you don’t use the program to set up meal plans, you can still analyze over 9000 different foods, so you can learn to pick the healthier ones for yourself. Kudos to David Mendosa at Healthcentral.com for pointing this out. Even though you may take fish oil capsules to get your Omega 3’s, you still need to lower the amount of Omega 6 in your diet, as it competes with Omega 3 and lowers its effectiveness.

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