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In case you might have forgotten, HBO’s The Pacific starts tonight at 9 eastern. If it’s anywhere close to as good as Band of Brothers was, then we’re in for a great miniseries. I’m relying on Mr. Hanks to come through again, and I don’t have much doubt that he will. I suspect those few folks who are still alive from that campaign will appreciate this, as they are so often forgotten in all the Hitler/WWII buzz.

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No more Huff!

Just learned today that “Huff” will no longer be on Showtime. The idiots cancelled the best show they had. Wonder what they thought when Blythe Danner won Best Supporting Actress? She had that role nailed and she certainly deserved the award. Check out the cast of characters – some great actors.
If showtime wants to cancel something they should cancel “Brotherhood” which is even too violent for me.

Here’s a post that tells a bit more about the reasons behind the cancellation. All about ratings of course and what the average person (moron?) calls good TV. 🙂

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