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Boy, this is hard to look at isn’t it?  I can’t imagine how many people are out there who have 401K’s and IRA’s and never look at their statements – many are probably heavily weighted in these particular indexes and boy are they going to be sick when they open that quarterly statement and see that 40% of their money just went poof!

If you were smart enough to pull out prior to this collapse, then it sure seems like it would be a good time to slowly start funneling  money back into fundamentally sound companies, especially ones with good dividends. I say slowly, because I see the potential for this thing to slide even lower over the coming months.  Still, It is hard to ignore all the pundits who keep reminding us that these “good companies” can be bought for a steal at the moment.  If you’d like to make some suggestions on just what some of those “good companies” might be, please put them in the comments and add why you think they would be good choices.

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